Sofas, deck chairs, lounges and signature cocktails, surrounding a pool, on the very top of a Thirteenth Century Palazzo and Firenze all around.

Grand Hotel Minerva - Florence

The Morning Pool Bar

The pool bar is opened seasonally, from morning till night.

On refreshing spring mornings and hot summer evenings the bar delights its privileged guests with home-made bites, cocktails and whatever their heart desires.

Open to hotel guests May to September
11:00 am to midnight

Evening Cocktail Bar

In the evening, the Chefs turn on the grill.

Gourmet bbq: vegan, meat and fish (including some wonderful gluten free options) to accompany cocktails and sunset.

The pool bar welcomes non-hotel guests,
Florentines and travelers, for cocktails or bbq
from 7:30 pm till midnight

Grand Hotel Minerva - Florence