The most enticing panoramic sight over Florence.

Grand Hotel Minerva - Florence

Four hectares (c. 10 acres) of woods, garden and fruit orchards flanked by the medieval walls of the city, the Bardini Garden is not only nature, but also art and culture. Located between Costa San Giorgio and Borgo San Niccolò, it preserves a pristine location right in the center of the city and offers one of the most beautiful view of Florence. The botanical collections, with their luxuriant, colorful flowerings, are the true protagonists.
Home to the restaurant Leggenda dei Frati, if you want to stop for dinner (reservations necessary).

15-minute walk
from the hotel.

Open from 
10:00am to 7:00pm.
Closed on the first and last Monday of the month.

For information and reservations please contact our Concierge.