L’ingresso alla Firenze Granducale, alle spalle di Palazzo Pitti.

Grand Hotel Minerva - Florence

It’s the garden of the magnificent Palazzo Pitti. Against the hill of Belvedere, Boboli is one of the most eminent examples of Italian-style gardens with fountains, scenery, caves and statues of major artistic importance. Its extensive green area, divided into orderly sections, is a full-fledged open-air museum. Strolling along its delightful paths, you will get a taste of the courtly life as you enjoy a garden that stays current while respecting its tradition. Nature, art and science meet in a mid-blowing historical park.

15-minute walk
from the hotel.

Open from
8:15am to 7:30pm
Closed the first and last Monday of the month.

For information and reservations please contact our Concierge.