Cocktail hour is anytime you wish.

Grand Hotel Minerva - Florence

Hotel bars tell a story.
This one tells the story of two centuries worth of travelers, coming to Florence from all over the world, sipping cocktails.

Or maybe it tells an even longer story.

It’s the 13th century and within these walls the monks of Santa Maria Novella are distilling their famous liquors, bond to become the Tuscan twist of some of the world’s most interesting cocktails.

During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth century, the Palazzo hosts galas for some of the most important aristocrat families of Tuscany. Punches are poured, wine is drunk.

From 1848, Grand Hotel Minerva becomes a home to explorers of the world and travelers of the Grand Tour.

Many things have happened at the Bar of the Grand Hotel.

In 1958, Carlo Scarpa sits at the bar, on the stools he designed for the hotel’s renovation, and enjoys a cocktail.

The stools are still there, ready to welcome your story.

Grand Hotel Minerva - Florence